Who We Are

Launched in 2020, Universal Impact is a subsidiary of The Conversation’s global media network, which delivers research-based content to an international audience of tens of millions. Our mission is to support researchers to generate the maximum impact from their work and help evidence reach and inform those who will benefit from it.


Our team will transform your research into engaging, accessible content so that it: 

  • Helps policymakers, industry and the public make informed decisions

  • Engages beneficiaries from different sectors

  • Boosts your research reputation

  • Generates funding and powerful partnerships

  • Starts meaningful conversations 

  • Counters misinformation 

Whether you want to partner with us and add our impact and communications expertise to your project or develop your own skills, we can help. Our bespoke training, communications and impact packages are all tailored to your specific needs. 


Outstanding research is at the heart of your work. Let us help it power positive change.

Universal Impact Managing Director, Matt Warren is a former Deputy Editor of The Conversation. Prior to that he was a Daily Mail Features Executive and award-winning magazine editor. He is also a Co-Investigator on the £2m, ESRC-funded International Public Policy Observatory (IPPO), which assesses and delivers global evidence on the social impacts of COVID-19 to UK policymakers.


Specialist Training

Dr Katy Chenoweth is Universal Impact's Head of Innovation and Development. Before joining Universal Impact, Katy was editor at the Oil Companies International Marine Forum where she collaborated with industry stakeholders to edit publications, policies and guidelines. Katy began her editing career at an academic journal, Oral Tradition, becoming Managing Editor in 2014, before serving as an editorial advisor at Harvard University. She also holds a PhD in Classics and has taught at a number of higher education institutions in the US and the UK.


Editorial Project Manager Mike Herd spent more than two decades at The Guardian, during which he launched and edited Guardian Cities and the Inequality Project, having previously been deputy editor of the News, Features and Sports pages. He also advised on the launch of the Wellcome Trust's longform site Mosaic, and more recently dusted off his Economics degree to become the Consulting and Cities Editor at Oxford Economics. He manages the partnership with the International Public Policy Observatory.


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Universal Impact is a trading subsidiary of The Conversation UK, a charitable and independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community and delivered direct to the public.