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Below is a sample of our current courses, which can be taught in a variety of formats and adapted to different audiences (e.g. ECRs, PGRs, PGTs).


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How to explain your research in two minutes

Whether you want to communicate your research to the general public, the media or more specialist audiences, this interactive course covers all of the basics. Participants will learn how to distill their research into a succinct, accessible profile, and then use that to pitch articles to the media, and communicate with potential funders, policymakers and collaborators. Matt Warren is Managing Director of Universal Impact. Prior to that he was Deputy Editor of The Conversation, an award-winning magazine editor and a features executive on The Daily Mail.

How to write for impact

Clearly communicating your research to the media and potential beneficiaries can put it on the pathway to impact, but any impacts must also be reported to funders and other stakeholders, such as the REF. This course will explain how to ensure impact is at the heart of your research strategy and how you communicate it to the wider world.

Specialist Training

How to write for the media

Storytelling is a fundamental technique used in the media to communicate with non-expert audiences. Stories can deliver powerful messages that connect and engage others while also driving change. In this course, you will learn how to transform your findings into a compelling narrative that will boost its impact and uptake. Participants will leave the course with a draft media pitch, which they can further develop and use to pitch to the media. Dr Katy Chenoweth is Universal Impact's Head of Innovation and Development. Before joining, she was an editor, with experience in industry and academia, and has taught at higher education institutions in the US and UK.

Mihaela GruiaNEW.png
How to make your research visually appealing

In this workshop, you will learn how to create a two-page visual summary of your research findings and showcase your expertise in an accessible and eye-catching format. The workshop is run by Mihaela Gruia, the founder and director of Research Retold, a specialist research communication company. Mihaela is a social and data scientist trained at The University of Sheffield, with experience in public affairs communications in Brussels. She is passionate about the intersection between research, communication and design.

Adam BatstoneNEW.png
How to explain your research to the media


This interactive course covers the ingredients of a powerful news story, what journalists are looking for from an interview, how to be interviewed effectively and how to prepare. The course includes practical interview exercises and delegates receive a feedback report and video footage of their mock interviews. Adam Batstone is an experienced journalist and media trainer who has worked with the BBC in television, radio and online news. He has also worked for a number of national newspapers.

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How to engage with parliament and policymakers


This course aims to support university researchers in promoting their work to parliament and policymakers – engaging with the parliamentary process, MPs, Select Committees – and also understanding how to brief civil servants and Ministers. Participants will learn how to navigate parliamentary and government processes and give their work a sharper policy focus. Courses can be delivered for groups from across academic disciplines or tailored for specialist research institutes. Huw Edwards is a former Member of Parliament for Monmouth and University Senior Lecturer in Social Policy who now specialises in delivering training courses on parliamentary processes, democratic governance and policy engagement for university researchers.

The Open Innovation Team's Policy Masterclass

The Open Innovation Team (OIT) is a cross-government team of experienced officials that works with academics and other external experts to generate analysis and ideas for policy-makers. The OIT’s ‘Policy Masterclass’ provides advice and training on how policy-making works in theory and in practice, and how academics can engage more effectively in this process. It runs over 2 two-hour sessions and provides exercises, ideas, and practical tips on how your research can have an impact on policy. It also covers: 

  • an overview of the policy-making system in the UK. For non-UK universities, we will also cover other government systems

  • useful concepts to ensure your research has impact

  • advice on how to build your policymaker network

  • tips on how to present your work in a way that will land with decision-makers

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